• What is Flying Malta App?
The first Maltese aviation application to assist all pilots flying within the Maltese airspace. This has been possible with the development of new technologies and having the support of major entities, both locally and internationally. The Flying Malta app enables you to produce highly safe and professional flight planning in the most efficient and convenient way possible. More information about the app can be found here.
  • Who made this website?
Development of the app initiated back in 2016 which led to the launch of Version 1.0 in September 2018. After two years of V1.0, it was time for a new renovated version, targeting the limitations brought by V1.0. Currently the app is now running V2.0 thanks to the time and dedication put into by the team.
  • Is the app free to download?
The app uses a Freemium model whereby several services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be paid for. For as little as €3 a month, one can unlock the full potential of the app by going Premium.
  • How do I download the app on my iPhone/iPad?
With multi platform capability, the web version can be accessed on your desired internet browser or by downloading the actual app from here on any of your mobile devices. For more information please refer to our iOS download guide.
  • Why are some features only available to premium users?
Unfortunately we do not get the data for free, thus, thanks to your contribution of just €3 a month, your subscription will keep the project alive, fund our running expenses and help us improve the app to provide you with new and improved features.
  • How long will my premium subscription last?
Premium subscription is valid for 1 year.
  • Why can’t I find the app on the play store or app store?
The app can be downloaded through the official app website here by selecting your operating system. This eliminates the need of having the app available on either store, reducing the over all cost to your subscription.
  • I downloaded the app. where is it?
Once downloaded you should find the app in you app drawer or home screen.
  • How can I make sure I am looking at the latest information on the app such as weather, notams and charts?
On mobile devices scroll to the top of a page and swipe down to “pull to refresh” just like you would in a web browser. On desktop or laptops simply refresh the page.
  • I would like to get in touch about a query or difficulty I have
We are more than happy to assist you with any difficulties by emailing us at [email protected] or drop us a message on our socials.


  • What are the features that come with a premium subscription?
The more advanced features must be paid for by going Premium. A list of all the Premium features can be found here.
  • Is the live ATIS reliable?
Our ATIS stream is a digitalised VHF receiver tuned on 127.000 MHz available 24/7 which is being sourced by
  • I can’t play the live ATIS
Check your internet connection and make sure that your volume is turned up.
  • Why are some METARs and TAFs colour coded?
Colour codes: winds equal or stronger than 15kt are yellow or red when equal or stronger than 25kt. Weather phenomena is indicated in yellow or red depending on it’s severity to flight safety. Colour coded weather is used in decoded METARs and TAFs as well. This feature is only available with a premium subscription.
  • How can I select a NOTAM date range?
If you would like to view NOTAMS concerning the 11th of December 2021:
Select From 11/12/2021 and To 12/12/2021 this covers a 24hr time period.
  • Where are the charts sourced from and how often are they updated?
Sourced by Malta Air Traffic Services as well as Transport Malta, such charts are updated once a new update is issued by the respective authority.
  • I can not see the flight plan feature
Be patient, great things take time.


  • How much does a premium account cost?
For as little as €3 a month, one can unlock the full potential of the app by going Premium. Every premium user will enjoy a 7 day free trial period prior to making any transactions with no charges whatsoever.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
We would be very sorry to see you leave. However subscriptions can be cancelled by emailing us at [email protected]. If you encounter any difficulties please contact us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you.
  • What methods of payment are supported?
Becoming a Premium user can be achieved through Paypal or inserting your VISA debit cards. You can also make use of your Revolut debit card for VISA transactions.
  • My subscription has expired. How do I renew it?
Subscriptions are set to auto renew once 1 whole year has elapsed since your subscription date.


  • How can I edit my account?
Login to your account and click on your name on the top left hand corner then click on “Edit Profile”.
  • I forgot my password how can I recover my account?
Click on “Forgot Password?” from the login page, enter the email associated with the account you created and check your inbox to complete the password reset procedure.
  • I did not receive a verification email while signing up?
Simply sign up again with your desired details. Make sure that the email address you use is correct.
  • How can I delete my account?
Login to your account and click on your name on the top left hand corner. Click on “Edit Profile” and select “Delete Account” at the bottom of the page in red.